Army Uniforms around the World – Top Eight Incredible Military Uniforms


The soldiers in uniforms are respected for their willingness to lay down their lives to protect their nation . They also at the front of international borders, rooting away the terror of hail or thunder. The uniform therefore is the repository for the power, monopoly and endurance. In the uniform, soldiers of different nations stand out. What really strikes our attention is the sartorial preferences that their designers and tailors show a many differences as well. You will also be amazed by these photos of soldiers from various nations wearing their military uniforms

  • Scotland

The most well-known national dress for the men of Scotland is called the Kilt that is worn by all men in general. However, in the uniform of the army too, Kilt is the most popular. It’s a skirt-like, checked bottomwear that in this photo is worn by the Scottish troops from Balaklava Company, 5th Battalion of the Royal regiment of Scotland, who are getting ready for their public duties in April of this year.

  • Japan

The uniform appears to be an example of the camouflage Army uniform worn by the Army of Japan that looks similar to that of the Indian Army Agneepath Yojana. In this image, the troops from the Ground Self-Defense Force are seen during a field drill in August of 2017.

  • England

If you’re a girl with an affinity for long legs will surely love the English uniforms because it is very comfortable. In this image, there is 3 Regiment Army Air Corps who marching through for an official inspection on May of 2018.

  • Vatican City

We’re sure that it’s a good bet that this Army uniform will bring back memories to the Army of Westeros. The uniform is so nostalgic and therefore attracts the attention of. It’s not even mentioning, Vatican City pretty well merits Army uniforms in this style. In this image the picture, you will see New Pontifical Swiss Guard New Recruits who are preparing for the ceremony of swearing in to their military units in May of 2018.

  • Brazil

There isn’t created an Army with a lot of power, however the uniform is elegant and classy. The attire of the head highlights the beauty that the dress. The soldiers can be seen taking part at the Independence Day Parade in September 2017.

  • Iran

The blue camouflage uniform worn by the Iranian army is a powerful display of power. This image is part of the Army Personnel Parade during Sacred Defense Week in September 2017.

  • Vietnam

In this photo the Vietnamese army marches to glory at an Army Ceremony that was held in March of 2018.

  • China


As a division of the army of the PRC The People’s Armed Police Force also adopted the Type 07 uniform. The uniform follows the same pattern similar to that of the PLA Ground Force uniform. It is dark olive green shade and combined with an emerald green shirt.


All uniforms are not created identical. If you want to see examples, examine an American airman standing beside an United States Marine while both wear blue dress shirts. Check out the Navy’s famous “blueberries.” It’s true we all make errors, however the key factor is how we deal with it and rectify the issues. Some militaries don’t. It’s about those that aren’t.


To be clear the point is that winning a war isn’t about the most fashionable or sharpest uniform. Respecting a foe can aid in preventing conflict, and wearing a uniform that appears similar to Willy Wonka designed it isn’t likely to win respect. To be clear I’m fully aware that the fact that all of them are tough and will be able to kill me in any confrontation.