Appliance Stores in Charlotte, NC

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Appliance Stores in Charlotte, NC

One of the oldest appliance stores in the Appliances – DCI Rochester area, Charlotte Appliance has been serving customers for 63 years. It is a locally owned, family-run business that sells everything from kitchen appliances to laundry equipment. It also sells outdoor furniture, barbecues, and patio products. Customers can get advice on choosing the right appliances, and expert installation services are available to make the process as easy as possible. To keep prices affordable, you can purchase a used appliance from the store.

The Plaza Appliance Mart is a locally owned store that has been serving the Charlotte area for 49 years. This appliance store offers expert service and low prices on trusted brand names. It can also provide installation services, delivery services, and even installation, if you need them. The company sells a wide range of kitchen appliances, as well as a variety of furniture and supplies. In addition to selling appliances, the store also offers home repair services, which means that they can help you with any appliance repair.

The Plaza Appliance Mart in Charlotte, NC has been serving the community for over 50 years. They offer a wide selection of appliances at affordable prices, as well as expert service. If you’re looking to buy a new refrigerator, stove, or other appliance, you can contact them through their website to arrange delivery and installation. In addition to appliances, KD’s Appliances can help you with all your kitchen needs, as they are fully stocked with all major brands and models.

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