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Choosing the right batteries for camping can be a difficult task, especially if you have no idea what the different types are and how to go about picking the right one. There are many types of batteries out there, and each one has pros and cons, so it’s best to understand them and then compare them to find the right rechargeable batteries for your trip. Let’s take a look at the four different types of batteries that are available:

4 Types You Should Consider

Lead Acid batteries are one of the most popular for people going camping for short periods of time because they are affordable, powerful, and long lasting, but they do have some disadvantages. Lead acid batteries tend to drain batteries quickly, and have a very low capacity or volt in order to store a charge. This means that you will need to bring more than one type, which can cause weight and luggage problems on your trip. Lead acid batteries also have a tendency to leak acid at rates much higher than other batteries which increases risk for corrosion and other hazardous health effects.

Lithium batteries are another popular choice for high energy travel and RV use. They’re relatively inexpensive, strong, fast charging, but also have some disadvantages. While they may last longer than Lead Acid batteries, they can cost much more to buy, which means if you plan to go camping frequently you may not want to carry more than one lithium battery system. They are also notorious for leaking and exploding, something that is much higher at certain times of the year. Lastly, lithium batteries produce considerably less power than lead acid systems so they may not be the best choice if you are traveling for long time periods or in remote locations.

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