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There are many factors that influence the office furniture market, including technological advances and the economy’s general health. However, design is one of the biggest drivers, and many of the leading office furniture manufacturers place a lot of emphasis on it. Companies like Steelcase and Knoll are known for their stylish and artistic designs. The latter has drawn inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright, and their designers have been awarded prizes and exhibited their work in museums and cultural institutions. Link :

What is Benching?

In the early twentieth century, wood was the dominant material for office furniture. This meant that many manufacturing companies were located near forests that provided reliable supplies of timber. This made the state of Michigan a prime source of lumber. As a result, the region became home to several important companies like Herman Miller, Inc. and Steelcase, Inc. In the 21st century, these companies have maintained their position as the world’s leading office furniture manufacturers. Other important American companies include Knoll and HNI Corp. and participate in trade associations like the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association.

In today’s office, many employees perform various tasks, and choosing the right desk for their needs is vital. Desks should be functional while also adding aesthetic appeal to the space. For example, a desk with multiple monitors is more suitable for people who need to work with multiple monitors at the same time. A desk that provides sufficient storage space is also important. Desk lamps and wall-mounted tables are other essentials in the office.

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