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Incorporating corporate event entertainment event entertainment into corporate events is a great way to enhance attendee experiences and create lasting memories. It also helps foster team building, engagement and networking at company parties or other corporate gatherings, as well as reinforces a brand image and creates positive PR opportunities.

Aside from the typical corporate entertainers such as dancers, singers, or comedians, you can add a unique twist to your event with a variety of unique performance styles. Among these are the circus shows, which can be an exciting and memorable twist to any corporate event. This includes freefall trust exercises, hula hooping activities, and even juggling shows. All you need to make this a reality is safe space for these performers and the willingness of your guests to try out different styles.

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Another type of unique corporate event entertainment are the living statues. These are performers who dress up in realistic mannequin-like clothing or statues and pose around the venue. You can use these to lighten up your party by encouraging attendees to take goofy pictures with the statues or just look at them in awe. You can also use this as a way to honor deserving employees or retirees by customizing the statues to honor them.

You can also make your corporate event stand out by organizing interactive games. Some popular choices include pass the parcel, which is a classic but fun game where you have people blindfolded and ask them to guess what’s inside each layer of paper. You can also organize a wine tasting session, where you blindfold guests and get them to sample different wines and food. If you want to make these games a bit more competitive, then you can add a prize or forfeit at each round of the game.

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