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Dandenong is a multicultural suburb on the edge of Melbourne. It’s home to the Dandenong Redlegs, St John’s Old Collegians, and Dandenong Saints (an Australian Women’s Basketball League team).

How many sessions of physiotherapy are there?

Dandenong physiotherapy clinic serves the local community and visitors alike. They help alleviate and treat injuries, pains, and illnesses. Using a variety of techniques and procedures, these professionals can help restore mobility and function.

The therapists are registered with the Allied Health Professional Council, a professional board under the Ministry of Health in Singapore. They also work closely with different insurance providers and medical assistance organizations.

They have a staff of five physiotherapists who have been in the field for years, proving that they are loyal to their profession and patients. They regularly review their patients’ progress and ensure that they are able to achieve their desired results.

Aside from physiotherapy, the team offers other services including acupuncture, massage, sports therapy, and exercise therapy. They are also equipped with the latest equipments and have a clean and spacious facility.


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