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When it comes to diesel ecu remapping townsville  it is important that you use only reputable technicians. Be sure they have experience with the technology and a dyno to do their work. A dyno is used to measure your vehicle’s power, torque and rotational speed under various road conditions which gives the technician insight into your engine’s functionality and what improvements can be made.

There are a lot of tuning modules or ‘chips’ available off the net that promise huge diesel gains but they all plug into the common rail pressure sensor and do nothing more than pump up the pressure. If you are looking for more diesel horsepower and torque then a proper ECU remap is required.

Rev Up Your Ride: The Art of Engine Tuning in Brisbane

Toyota turbo diesel engines are the best candidates for ECU remaps as they have a larger number of points for fuel and timing per cylinder than older models. A well-tuned diesel engine remap will provide significant improvement in horsepower and torque and will also help maintain the function of your diesel particulate filter by providing cleaner emissions of smoke, better fuel efficiency, smoother driving and reduced wear on your engine.

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