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Havainas | flopstore.co.uk is the leading professional Havaianas (emergency first aid kit) supplier with a variety of products to meet all First Aid needs for kids, adults and seniors alike. For kids in general, Havaianas has a number of different and highly recommended kits on offer to help them in case of emergencies, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. Havaianas prides itself on its “no guts, no fluff” approach and this is apparent in the features and designs of their kits. These days, it’s important to have first aid supplies readily available for usage in case of emergency and when you’re away from home, that’s where Havaianas comes into its own.

 The First Aid and Emergency Kits

Havaianas are renowned for their comprehensive, first aid kits, packed with everything from bandages and dressings to gloves and stretchers, as well as being able to provide essential oils and medicines. There are plenty of first aid supplies that you’ll need for children, from CPR neck supports and pressure points, to socks, towels and underwear to eye protection and bandages etc. For adults, they carry medical supplies such as anti-inflammatory painkillers, aspirin, antibiotics, painkillers, tourniquets, and gloves. Their trauma kits include bandages, adhesive tapes, sterilised cotton balls, pressure points and plaster casts, all designed specifically for serious injury and life-saving measures. And then, there’s also the range of consumable items available from bandages and moisturisers to wipes and tissues.

One of the best things about Havaianas UK is that they have a helpline available round the clock. If you or one of your family members have found themselves in need of first order, then you don’t have to call the emergency services yourself. You can call the helpline up, and an experienced team will take care of you or your loved one within an hour. This way, you can rest assured that your loved one will receive the first aid treatment he needs, without having to worry about calling in sick from work, and worrying about how he’ll look, when he wakes up – simply because you’ve got a specialist first aid kit in his home.

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