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If you’re looking to spend a relaxing vacation near the racetrack in the Newmarket area, you’ll need a great place to stay. There are 353 hotels in Newmarket, and you can get some good deals on one of them using Hotwire. You can find luxury Newmarket hotels for as little as $56 per night if you’re willing to do some research. You can even find great last-minute deals at Newmarket spa hotels.

 Find Great Deals on 353 Hotels in Newmarket

The Newmarket Boutique Aparthotel features well-decorated apartments with luxurious chandeliers and tasteful décor. They vary in size, and you can get one with as few as two bedrooms. Each apartment includes a private outdoor hot tub, a patio, and free WiFi. If you want a more private experience, book a larger room at the Newmarket Boutique Aparthotel. Its spacious, comfortable rooms have a kitchenette and separate dining areas, and each one is well-appointed.

The White Hart, Newmarket by Marton’s Inns is a cozy and warm hotel that features a restaurant and a nightclub. You’ll love the hotel’s onsite dining and bar scene, which often includes live music. You can also find affordable car rentals nearby. Hotwire also partners with leading car rental companies, so you can find an excellent deal on a car rental. If you’re on a tight budget, you can take advantage of the last-minute Hot Rates on Hotwire.

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