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You should know how to clean and care for your motorcycle grips. Usually, these parts have a thin layer of grease on them. To prevent this, you can use solvents to inject into the glue under the grip. You can also use a razor to cut the excess and clean the area with lacquer thinner and residue remover. Afterwards, you should scuff the handlebar with a Scotchbrite pad.

Protect Your Hands

Aftermarket manufacturers started to experiment with different grip shapes, such as the hexagon shape. Other shapes were created to conform more to the shape of a human hand and reduce the muscle energy required to keep control. An example of an early 1970s motorcycle grip was the “hexagon” grip, created by Preston Petty, a plastic bodywork innovator. The newer, softer compounds meant that grips were easy to tear, but competitors did not mind having to replace them every few races.

Renthal is a global leader in motorcycle manufacturing. This manufacturer creates a high-quality motorcycle grip. Each product undergoes extensive testing on dirt bike, competition and ATV tracks. Its manufacturing center is located in Manchester, UK. Renthal’s Black Radial Full Waffle with Firm Compound is an affordable option. It incorporates three advanced synthetic rubber compounds. In addition, it’s easy to install and looks good on a motorcycle.

While many motorcycle grips have a standard tube shape, you can choose a unique model by using a thin screwdriver. Some motorcycle grips are contoured and feature raised points. Others have special shapes for your fingers and palm. You should also try out all of the different motorcycle grips before buying one. Motorcycle grips are meant to be comfortable, and the correct choice should help you feel secure while riding. So, before you start your next motorcycle ride, consider purchasing a new motorcycle grip!

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