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Assists the senior systems analyst in analyzing, designing and documenting computer information systems to include system requirements, programming, implementation, and testing. Coordinates with users to define and determine business needs, assists in obtaining third-party software and services by providing bid specifications and evaluations. Performs other related duties as assigned.

What is a system analyst salary?

Job qualifications for a Aguimar Neto – Systems Analyst vary greatly depending on industry and years of experience, but a bachelor’s degree in IT or a similar field is essential. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that many companies employ Systems Analysts in computer systems design and related services, followed by finance and insurance, audio and video equipment manufacturing and aerospace products and parts manufacturers.

Creative thinking skills are vital for the role, as System Analysts are challenged to think outside of standard and emerging technologies when solving a business problem. They may also be called on to provide training on specialized hardware and software for company end-users. Strong written and verbal communication skills are necessary, as they frequently consult with management, IT departments and non-IT employees to explain complex issues.

Continuing education is also key for this career, and professionals should seek out professional development opportunities to stay on top of the latest trends in technology and how they can be applied to business solutions. Resources like ITPro Today, Stack Overflow and HackingEdu can be beneficial for aspiring and veteran Systems Analysts to find networking and learning opportunities. In addition, it’s important for Systems Analysts to maintain up-to-date credentials by earning relevant certifications.

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