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open proxy database

The open proxy database is a list of proxy servers that are accessible to the public and do not follow security regulations or connection rules. Open proxies serve as breeding grounds for malicious cyber activities like online credit card fraud, forum and blog spamming and the distribution of illegal content and malware.

By indiscriminately treating incoming connections without monitoring and filtering, open proxies are the ideal targets for cybercriminals to identify vulnerable computers, launch automated attacks and build botnets to distribute malware at scale. These ill-intentioned actors turn unwitting users into unwitting partners in crime, putting their personal data and devices at risk of theft and exposure to cyberattacks.

Proxy Playground: The Essentials of Utilizing an Open Proxy Database Effectively

A programmable database proxy offers a variety of benefits to data consumers. For example, it allows your team to move application logic that normally lives in the database to a programmable sidecar for easier modification and deployment at design time. A programmable proxy can also aid in testing by increasing latency to simulate remote access, creating synthetic data for security testing and encrypting/decrypting transparently on the fly.

To combat these risks, Cyral’s programmable database proxy enables you to control how queries are processed and passed on to your data repository. The Cyral sidecar analyzes a query before passing it on, and decouples its analysis from the result set of the query. This parallelizes processing and minimizes delays in read operations. In addition, the Cyral sidecar checks each request against its database of known threats, and if the threat is found, the result is blocked immediately to protect your data.

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