Quick Assembly and Customization With Boxabl Homes

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quick assembly and customization with Boxabl Homes

Quick Assembly and Customization with Boxabl Homes

Quick assembly and customization with Boxabl Homes A to Point B is one of the biggest obstacles in housing construction. Boxabl has created a solution for this with a foldable design that makes the process of shipping pre-built houses faster and more affordable. These houses are also easier to install and are more environmentally friendly than traditional site-built dwellings. Their compact size and lightweight materials also cut down on the amount of waste that is produced by the construction industry.

Each home folds down to a 20 by 8.5 foot package, so it can fit onto a truck, train, ship, or airplane for shipping. Once it gets to its final destination, it can be unfolded in as little as two hours.

Boxabl Homes: Quick Assembly and Customization for Modern Living

This makes the Boxabl Casita a great option for people who want to live off the grid and have their own space, but still have access to all the comforts of a regular house. You can even get a version that is designed to be wheelchair accessible with doors wide enough for a wheelchair to pass through and protrusions in the dining area table.

However, for those interested in buying a Boxabl home, you’ll need to be prepared to wait a while. Right now, the company has a backlog of 100,000+ orders. The team is working on expanding their factory and creating automated production lines so they can catch up with demand and deliver on the promise of a home you can buy off the shelf.

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