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Known by various names like Mother-in-Law’s tongue, Saint George’s sword and African Bowstring Hemp, sansevieria is an evergreen perennial plant that has thick elongated leaves. It is drought-tolerant and easy to care for making it a perfect houseplant. But there are plenty of rare sansevieria varieties that can add a little color and contrast to your home. Each one has a distinct leaf shape, color, and foliage density. Some are even able to spread out into new plants!

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Sansevieria Sayuri has pretty gray-green blade-like leaves that are evenly striped with silver and blue and margined with white. It is an easy-care variety that thrives in bright indirect light. It is also very resilient to heat and cold. This plant can be grown in almost any potting soil mix but prefers one with pumice to reduce the chances of roots rotting.

Another variant of this succulent is Sansevieria Parva ‘Gold Twist’, which has beautiful green-grey variegation. It is a bit harder to find than other sansevierias but it will not disappoint! This variety is a bit more sensitive to humidity and can develop brown tips if not given moderate levels of moisture. It is a great choice for novices as it requires very little maintenance!

Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Moonshine’ is another rare variant that has very striking silver-green leaves with dark edges and leaf tip points. This is a hardy variety that can easily grow to four feet tall when given ample indirect sunlight. It blooms in spring and summer producing fragrant green or white flowers.

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