The Benefits of a NACE Inspection


The Benefits of a NACE Inspection

A NACE inspection is a professional certified NACE – tankproinc qualification that specifies the requirements for evaluating coatings on various structures. The inspectors can also inspect underground structures, which are often harder to access and can take longer to notice problems with. There are many benefits to hiring a NACE inspector. To learn more, read on. Below are some of the main advantages of hiring a NACE inspector:

If you are working in the water and wastewater industry, you can make sure that the coatings you are inspecting are as high-quality as possible by completing the NACE CIP program. This program teaches you how to use the most up-to-date techniques and industry standards to ensure the quality of protective coatings. It is available online and is comprised of both an in-person and virtual component. The first virtual CIP Level 1 class is set for March 29-30, 2020. To accommodate student demand, instructors are opening their schedules to accommodate students.

Certification in the NACE inspection program is highly recognized. There are three levels of certification: Level 1 inspectors are experts in non-destructive inspection of liquid coatings on steel surfaces. In Level 2, inspectors expand their scope to inspect coatings on any surface, including plastics, rubber, or wood. Level 3 inspectors possess advanced knowledge of both Levels 1 and 2 and supervise the work of lower-level inspectors. There are also specialties in marine and bridge industries.

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