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When it comes to the best mobile games, few names stand out more than Gramno Games. This developer has created some fantastic games that really challenge your skills and one of my favorite games is called Gramno City Mobile. You play as the newly minted millionaire, Mike “MD” Davenport, who crashes into the city after accidentally imbibing a powerful serum. The serum has the ability to turn any object in existence into either a drug or a weapon, thus turning you into a madman with unlimited power. The storyline will have you going around town capturing criminals and using the various powers at your disposal to cause destruction.

Get The Most Out Of The Best Mobile Games To Play With Friends And Facebook

If you are looking for the best mobile games online, I would recommend you try the addictive action-packed title called Blast! This one of my favorites is available for free on the Google Android Market. Blast! is what you would call a “survival simulator”, giving you the opportunity to save your low health enemies and do some damage to your high health partner. In addition to that, the game requires you to do some co-op mission during your spare time to keep up your high score and unlock the various costumes.

If you are looking for mobile games offline to play with friends, the top three to try are Freeline 2: Freeline on Facebook, The Tower Defense: Elite Forces, and Attack!. Each of these games is highly competitive, featuring multiple levels of play against highly advanced artificial intelligence, high score systems, and leader boards for bragging rights. You must also be aware that each of these apps cost $2.99 to download and may take up to 10 GB of space on your phone’s internal memory so be sure to check out their pricing before you grab any of them. Remember, the best games are those that have a solid story and realistic physics that will keep you hooked from start to finish!

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