What’s So Special About Magic Kingdom Hours?

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Magic Kingdom is an amusement park in the Walt Disney World Resort located in Bay Lake, Florida, just north of Orlando, Florida. The park was built and operated by The Walt Disney Company throughout its many years of operation. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area and receives over four million visitors each year. Like other Disney resorts, Magic Kingdom Hours is designed to entertain families with special seasonal hours devoted to certain events or to accommodate guests who have different types of dietary requirements, such as vegetarians or those with diabetes. There are also a wide range of family-friendly activities located near the front of the park so that families can get out and do some fun!

When Is the Best Time to Visit the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida?

Of course, the magic happens at nighttime with the exciting fireworks shows that occur nightly. Many people who visit Magic Kingdom often enjoy early morning magic hours as well because it tends to be less crowded than the afternoon hours, which are the best days for the most visits by kids. In addition, early morning magic kingdom hours tend to be less expensive than evening hours, which tend to be more expensive during the peak summer months. The cheapest magic kingdom hours are generally from late May through early September, though this may vary by location. The highest prices are usually reserved for late December and January, and can cost anywhere from eight hundred and four hundred dollars to more than two thousand dollars.

Some of the most popular hours in Magic Kingdom are Monday through Saturday, and the cheapest magic times are Wednesday through Sunday and on either Friday or Saturday. It is common for both day and nighttime attractions to increase during the middle of the week, but you will find that all other park hours are relatively consistent from late May through late September. The best days to visit Magic Kingdom are from mid-November through mid-March, with average magic hours of seven and a half hours.

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