Wicker Picnic Baskets – Perfect For a Few Sarnies

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wicker picnic basket

If you’re planning to take your sarnies out in the great outdoors, you’ll need more than just a standard carrier bag. A proper wicker picnic basket elevates even a few sarnies and can make the whole experience feel much more special. The right wicker picnic basket can also help you maintain the temperature of your food, so that your cheese doesn’t melt and your salad stays crisp. And, if you’re planning on taking your basket out often enough to warrant investing in a more expensive one, then look out for options with extra accessories and features, such as an insulated compartment, that will save you from having to bring multiple separate containers on each outing.

Picnic in Style: Elevate Your Outdoor Dining Experience with a Wicker Picnic Basket

For those who only plan to take a few light bites on their picnics, this wicker picnic basket is a stylish and durable option that’s available in either black or ivory-colored. It’s handcrafted from fine buff willow and features a cotton canvas lining that meets global food standards, as well as a built-in insulated interior to keep foods and drinks at their optimal temperatures. And, if you’re looking for that added touch of luxury or to turn this into the perfect gift, then you can even get it monogrammed for a small upcharge.

For those who plan on packing a little more than just some sarnies, this large wicker picnic basket from Nature Gear is ideal. It’s designed to accommodate up to four people, with a full set of picnic essentials including high-quality ceramic plates and cups, stainless steel forks, knives, spoons, and wine glasses, along with cotton napkins and salt and pepper shakers. It’s lightweight for easy transport and is lined with a waterproof fabric to help prevent leaks.

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